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Children in your wedding ceremony

Every couple wants their wedding ceremony to run smoothly, from the dress rehearsal to their vows. There is however one aspect of the wedding that will always remain unpredictable….children!

Many couples have relatives and friends with children, or maybe even children of their own. Sometimes these little ones become flower girls and ring bearers, making a charming addition to the wedding party.

Without proper planning however, their adorable ways can quickly turn into uncontrollable antics. If you are planning on having children in your bridal party, the following are a few tips to make sure that your pint-sized guests meet your expectations.

Spend time with them
A child loves to be the centre of attention, but today is not the day. In order to make them feel special, take a few moments to show your appreciation. Before the ceremony, take a few pictures with them. Tell them how cute they look. Give them a special gift just as you would the rest of your wedding party.

Make sure they are well rested
For those ceremonies not taking place in the morning, make sure your flower girl and ring bearer take a nap. No one wants a cranky little terror! For children who are past the nap stage, provide a comfortable space where they can have some quiet time.

Ensure they are fed
When little ones get hungry they can become irritable. To avoid this, provide them with snacks before and after the ceremony. Choose snacks that will not make a mess or stain clothing, such as cheese and crackers. Avoid sugary treats. Package the snacks in coordinating bags, embellished with ribbons and personal name tags, and be sure to include small bottles of water to keep them hydrated.
Prepare treats for more than just your flower girl and ring bearer. Other young children (if invited) will also become antsy sitting through the ceremony. Designate a parent or older child to hand out the snack packs.

And make sure they use the bathroom before the ceremony to avoid any accidents!

During the ceremony
As children often drop or lose things, it is common to attach fake rings to the pillow for the ring bearer to carry, and give the real rings to the best man and maid of honour.

Even though the flower girl and ring bearer are part of the bridal party, they may not be the most patient when standing during the vow exchange. Let them sit with a parent or relative in the front row during the ceremony and rejoin the wedding party during the procession.

Also make sure that the child’s parent or another family member is ready to scoop them up in the case of a tantrum. While it is not the most ideal situation if this occurs, knowing that someone is prepared will give you peace of mind.

Children can become confused after the ceremony. With all the attention on the bride and groom, they can be unsure as to what to do next. Give them a hug, thank them, and let them know that you will see them later if you have decided that the reception is a child-free event. If they are coming, promise to save them a dance!