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Cairns Chamber of Commerce
Make the most of your membership

Patricia O’Neill
: (07) 4031 1838

Chief Executive Officer
Cairns Chamber of Commerce

We do get asked …. “So, what exactly does a chamber of commerce do?” — Even after being in the workforce for several years, I still found the whole workings of a chamber of commerce a mystery. Well, let me help you break it down.

If you are a business operating in our region facing daily challenges, whether it be staffing shortages, employment issues, economic challenges, or unsure of grants available, you’re not alone. As a single business it is difficult, if not impossible, to be heard at government level. As a group of regional businesses facing the same challenges or opportunities, with one voice, the impact of advocacy to all three levels of government is a lot more effective.

So, that’s what we do here at the Cairns Chamber. We listen to businesses and industry in our region. We want your input and feedback about the issues you are facing and the opportunities available. We want to hear from you. With the information and knowledge that we acquire from you, all of you, we then advocate to all three levels of government.

As the Cairns Chamber of Commerce is the peak body for business representation in the Cairns region and one of the largest and strongest regional chambers in Australia, we feel that it is important to work constructively and collaboratively to drive business growth outcomes for members and in the best interests of the Cairns business community.

We then come back to you and inform you what resources are available, what the outcomes of advocacy are that may affect your business and our region. The lines of communication go both ways.

The Cairns Chamber of Commerce provides the opportunity for all our members to network, meet and share their experiences through our monthly lunches, networking events, workshops and forums.

The Cairns Chamber of Commerce is also the only non-government migration certified body assisting businesses across the region to address skills shortages when they have been unable to attract individuals from the Australian labour market. Our migration expert, Mr Geoff Heath, heads this department and has a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in this field. Filling jobs with Australians is and always has been the Cairns Chamber’s priority; however, the Far North Queensland Designated Area Migration Agreement (FNQ DAMA) plays an integral role in addressing our specific regional skill gaps. Many local businesses have found this migration pathway extremely beneficial to ensure they can continue to survive and, in some
cases, thrive in the current economic climate.

Being a member of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce comes with several benefits. Find out which membership level best suits your business needs. Make the most of your membership in 2022 by capitalising on the opportunities and what we can do for you as members.

• Support and representation from Queensland’s largest regional Chamber. • Discounted tickets to Cairns Chamber of Commerce events
• Complimentary Boardroom Hire
• Complimentary Ecobiz Assessment
• Listing on our Online Member Directory
• Access to the most Up To Date Grants and Tender information
• Opportunity to provide, and access to, B2B offers
• Discounted Regional Skilled Migration Scheme applications
• Eligibility to nominate for the Cairns Chamber of Commerce Management Committee
• Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
• Discounted exhibition booths at our monthly luncheons
• Access to additional partnership, sponsorship and advertising opportunities