5 mins with: Cr. Max O’Halloran Division 7 Councillor

CityLife Edge Hill

5 mins with: Cr. Max O’Halloran
Division 7 Councillor

Q: How long have you represented the community of Edge Hill as a Councillor?
A: I have had the pleasure of representing Div 7 for 10 years with two to go

Q: What is the best thing/s about being a Councillor for Division 7?
A: The most pleasing aspects are the people and their pride of where they live

Q: Tell us a few things you are proud to have achieved whilst as Councillor?
A: One of the best achievements is the extension of Lake St and then the Pool, Netball Centre and Griffiths Park

Q: Max tell us your favourite thing/s about Edge Hill?
A: Edge Hill is a real family meeting place similar to Stones Corner in Brisbane. A true community feel about it.

Q: Do you have a favourite place to eat, drink and be merry in Edge Hill?
A: They are all quality establishments even the butcher is first class

Q: Would we see you up the Red Arrow Track?
A: Not recently due to injury but surely do miss it

Q: If you could describe Edge Hill in three words what would they be?
A: Pride, Popular, Professional