Lucy hits Guerilla

CityLife Edge Hill

Lucy hits Guerilla

VENUE: Guerrilla
120 Collins Ave, Edge Hill

This edition we had the invite to hit Guerrilla and we were not disappointed. It is a big piece of Mexico in the heart of Edge Hill. I can honestly say some of the best cocktails I have ever tasted. You are almost too scared to drink the perfectly made piece of art. From Smokey Corn Ribs to Woah Hafu, my dining companion and I were in heaven.

Fav Antojitos:
Between artichoke dip and mushroom Tostada

Taco choice:
Cauliflower for sure


Pollo Recado Negro

Had to save myself for another cocktail, oops I didn’t fit this in

My amigo loved the Brûlée Lime Tart

Can’t go past Spicy Margarita, Mi Broma or last but not least on my list Pisco and La Playa.