Historical Society Celebrates Anniversary

Images Courtesy of the Cairns Historical Society and the Museum

The Cairns Historical Society recently celebrated an important milestone – its 65th anniversary.
Founded in 1958, the CHS has evolved into a cornerstone of the Cairns community, serving as a custodian of local history and heritage. Over the past six and a half decades, the organisation has amassed an impressive collection of stories, records and artefacts, reflecting the rich tapestry of Far North Queensland’s history.

From its humble beginnings when the first committee convened on October 2, 1958, few could have foreseen the society’s transformation into a preeminent repository of historical treasures.

CHS president Dr Clive Skarott said the society now proudly showcases its extensive holdings through the Cairns Museum, a vital resource for both local residents and tourists alike.

“The CHS owes its enduring strength and vitality to the dedication of its grassroots members and the steadfast support of the local community,” he said.

“We have remained steadfast in our commitment to collecting, conserving and providing access to the history and heritage of Far North Queensland, safeguarding it in an ever-changing technological landscape.”
The society is a not-for-profit organisation which operates with assistance from the Cairns Regional Council as one of their top four community organisations.

This partnership has been in place for 65 years since the School of Arts approached the Mayor of Cairns, William Fulton, to hold a public meeting to gauge the community’s appetite for a historical society.

This 65th anniversary celebration is a testament to the enduring spirit of the Cairns Historical Society and its unwavering commitment to preserving and sharing the rich history and heritage of Far North Queensland.