COVER STORY – Keep It In Cairns and Do It With A Local

Keep It In Cairns and Do It With A Local

There has never been a more important time to Keep it in Cairns and #DOITWITHALOCAL than now!

As the people of Cairns reel from the impact of the global pandemic on their life and on their ability to earn an income, one thing is for sure, it is only by sticking together, that we will get through this.

The momentum is building as the community rises up and the business resilience we are renowned for shines through. We are fighting for our ultimate survival. But one thing Cairns is good at, is fighting, and sticking together when the chips are down. We are all too familiar with rolling up our sleeves when the going gets tough and coming out stronger than before.

Keep it in Cairns is an initiative of Cairns Regional Council and the Cairns Chamber of Commerce and we caught up with the city’s leaders who have united to take up the challenge to forge ahead as one and they’re asking you to join with them.