Affinity Designer Homes

Quality All The Way Through

Similar to homeowners who want to renovate their home to brighten and improve its appearance, Affinity Designer Homes has done the same thing by giving its branding a fresh new look.

“The Affinity rebrand is about refreshing a logo that no longer accurately reflects what Affinity Designer Homes is about,” said sales and marketing manager Nathan Coe. “We want it to reflect the quality of the brand, the finishes that Affinity produces and the personalised, professional service level that our clients demand when building their dream home.”

Affinity Designer Homes, part of the Construct Building and Development Group, is owned by Ralf Dutton, a highly respected and award-winning builder with over 40 years’ experience in the local market. Born and bred in Cairns, Ralf Dutton is also the first North Queenslander to be appointed as the Master Builders Association’s state president since its founding more than 120 years ago.

He is also the founder of Value Homes, a multi-award winning business that is also part of the Construct Building and Development Group.
Affinity is well known in the industry for building custom designs to suit our tropical climate to ensure the house is energy efficient and sustainable in both designs and materials, which ultimately saves the clients money. The team at Affinity also pride themselves on working within clients’ budgets for homes that suit their land and lifestyle.

Affinity specialises in sloping sites, waterfront homes, narrow or irregular land, multi-generational homes, duplexes and energy efficient homes, and they work closely with their clients throughout the whole process. All designs are timeless, individual and innovative backed by quality workmanship in every detail.

“From start to finish clients are involved,” Nathan said. “Prior to construction starting they can tell us what they want from the first brick to the last and everything in between. It gives them the ability to design exactly what they want before going into construction. Once they are in construction, we hold their hand all the way through to ensure the client’s original plan is what we deliver.

“We work a bit differently than many other builders in that clients have the same point of contact all the way through the building process, so they don’t get bounced around from one person to another which really defines that sense of personalised service that allows our clients to express their creative side and apply this to their dream home.”

Another key aspect to the success of Affinity is their multi-award-winning designer Roslyn Smith, a sought-after designer who has been with the company for 20 years and has been designing and building homes in North Queensland for more than 30 years.

“I think the secret to Affinity’s success is the way Ros and Ralf work so well together and have for years,” Nathan added. “They work closely together to deliver to the client’s expectations.”

Roslyn’s award-winning work is supported by a team of quality tradespeople and professional and qualified staff, many of whom have been with the business for numerous years.

“Some of the tradies have been with us from the very beginning, allowing us to deliver consistent quality which is integral in delivering superior individual housing,” Nathan added. “We’ll actually pay a bit more to ensure that we keep that quality of work and keep that continuity with our subcontractors and giving peace of mind to our clients, turning a usually stressful process into an enjoyable experience.

“Our mission is to ensure our clients love their homes and have the lifestyle they deserve. That is the Affinity difference, and we are proud of it.”

For more information visit or phone 4051 8866.