Creativity in the time of COVID

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So why the pin up style?

“I’ve always been drawn to the pin up photography style, it resonates with me because it’s fun, playful and eye catchy, I wanted to get the attention of the public.”

As the Coronavirus crisis closed business after business in Cairns, one thing it couldn’t put a stop to was the creativity of popular local photographer
& businesswoman Veronica Sagredo of Blueclick Photography, who harnessed the enforced “down time” to conduct one of her most ambitious projects yet to help the business community. ‘Ladies in Business’ is a project that features a female business owner every day for 30 days – but with a twist. Each woman is photographed in “pin up style”, with hair, makeup, outfits and props reminiscent of the pin up style of the 1940’s and 50’s era.

For the majority of the women, this was the first time they’d been photographed in this kind of style, and there were plenty of nerves along with the laughs and excitement. Each photo also has an accompanying interview about that woman and her business and business tips they get to share with everyone.

“When the COVID crisis began happening, I felt overwhelmed with sad news. Cairns is at heart a tourism town, but it is also a place full of small business owners and self employed people and COVID affected everyone. I saw the effects happening first-hand in my own business, but also in the businesses of many wonderful women around Cairns. I wanted to do something to give people a smile, give them something else to focus on for a time, and give some publicity to their businesses by featuring the women behind the business.”

I wanted to showcase a diverse range of industries from a wide variety of local businesses Some of the women featured in the photo series include Bridget Evans from Paronella Park (Tourism), Charisse Russell from HK Russell (Financial Services), Hannah Lane (Hairdressing). Bridget from Paronella Park says “Participating in the Ladies in Business program was so much fun! When Veronica mentioned the project, I was feeling pretty low. Paronella Park was closed due to COVID, and I was a ball of stress! Spending a day getting dolled up and hanging out with Veronica was the perfect medicine. The fact that she is undertaking a project of this scale – completely for free – speaks to her character and generous spirit.”

With the project almost at its end, Veronica says she has been overwhelmed with requests from other ladies wanting to be part of it, I didn’t expected to have such a great response, some suggesting to have a calendar or a book made.

The Ladies in Business photo series can be viewed on BlueClick Photography’s Website, Facebook and Instagram pages.