Morrison Government invests $107.5m to deliver Cairns Water Security Project

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Morrison Government invests $107.5m to deliver Cairns Water Security Project

A re-elected Morrison Government will provide $107.5 million to secure the future of Cairns’ water supply into the next decade, and avoid a potential drinking water shortfall by 2026.

This will allow additional water to be sourced from the Mulgrave River and improve water treatment processes for Cairns’ existing Behana Creek Water supply, supporting community, business and industrial growth in the region. It will also ensure water from the Tinaroo Falls Dam can continue to be dedicated to agricultural purposes.

The Coalition’s commitment provides 50 per cent of the total project cost, with Cairns Regional Council sourcing the remaining funding from the Queensland Government.

Cairns Regional Council estimates that the project will support more than 1600 full-time equivalent jobs and contribute $243 million to Gross Regional Product.
I have been advocating for this project and I am proud to have been able to deliver it for the community.

The Cairns Water Security Project – Stage 1 is the city’s number one infrastructure project. This project is absolutely critical for our city and the liveability of its residents.

People need water to survive. It is one of those issues that transcends politics. I’m not prepared to stand idly by and watch our city run out of water in a few years’ time.

I am absolutely determined to deliver this project for our community, irrespective of the politically motivated campaign behind it. I now call on the Queensland Government to match this funding without any further delays.

We have support from Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, who believes the commitment is vital to support the needs of a growing region and adds to the Coalition’s record of water security investment across Northern Australia.

I have been working with Special Envoy for Northern Australia Senator Susan McDonald to support this important project for the people of Leichhardt. We have worked hard to ensure important regional issues are heard loud and clear by the Coalition Government.

Senator McDonald says water security is a key pillar of the most ‘regions focused’ government we’ve ever had. I am pleased to have her support.

With our combined advocacy, Far North Queensland residents can rest assured that this commitment is only going to get stronger. Our funding commitment supports the Cairns Water Security Strategy developed and adopted by the Cairns Regional Council, which identifies the real possibility of a water shortfall in Cairns by 2026 without action.