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Business Profile

Frank Lanza

For the past 24 years Lanza Legal Pty Ltd (formerly Frank Lanza Migration Services) has offered a wide range of services in several areas of law. In addition to specialising in immigration law, the practice assists clients in family law, criminal law, contract law and commercial matters as well as mediation and arbitration. The Lanza Legal team has an amazing and diverse range of skills and qualifications including fluency in Japanese, Italian, French, Indonesian, Czech and Spanish.

Frank Lanza
Frank migrated from Italy at the age of 23. He worked in mining exploration, travelling the world many times over before discovering an interest in the law.

Graduating from QUT Law School at the age of 43, Frank began practising in Cairns as a barrister in several areas of the law including personal injuries, family, criminal, industrial relations and immigration.

Frank is a nationally accredited immigration law specialist and a Fellow of the Migration Institute of Australia, as well as a nationally accredited mediator and arbitrator.

Frank continues to practise as a barrister, mediator and arbitrator in his role as senior consultant at Lanza Legal Pty Ltd.

Denise Reinisch
Born in the Czech Republic, Denise migrated to Australia with her family when she was seven years old. She is fluent in the Czech language and has travelled there many times over the years.

Denise is a qualified lawyer with more than 16 years of experience in immigration law. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from James Cook University and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. She joined the practice in 2006, the same year she was admitted to practice as an Australian Legal Practitioner.

Denise enjoys travelling and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Taku Kurihara
Taku migrated to Australia in 2004, from Japan where he had been a marketing specialist in the food industry for more than 15 years. He holds a Bachelor of Laws as well as double masters (Business Administration and Tourism) from James Cook University. He also earned a Bachelor of Economics in Japan. Taku’s areas of expertise include immigration, commercial and contracts, conveyancing and family law matters.

George Davidson
George Davidson, solicitor, joined Lanza Legal in 2021 after completing his Bachelor of Laws at James Cook University and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law. He practises in the areas of immigration, property and commercial law.

Prior to being admitted as a lawyer in 2019, his professional experience was in hospitality, tourism and retail banking. Originally from Sydney, where he first completed a Bachelor of Economics at Sydney University, he speaks French fluently, mastered while living three to four-year periods in Switzerland, Singapore, New Zealand and France, arriving in beautiful Cairns in 2004.

Liana Hitchcock
Liana was born in Makassar, Indonesia. She is a graduate architect who migrated to Australia in 2002. She first joined the Frank Lanza Migration Services team in 2002 and became an Australian citizen in 2009.

Liana speaks several languages including Indonesian, Makassarese, and a number of Indonesian dialects. Equipped with a background and in-depth appreciation of many overseas cultures, she is actively engaged with the promotion of multicultural activities in Cairns.

Jane Boulter
Jane is a Cairns local who has worked in the legal industry for more than 38 years. She has extensive experience, having worked in most areas of law including as a Deputy Associate in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. She will be providing management, accounting and administrative support to the team at Lanza Legal Pty Ltd. Jane enjoys camping and hiking the many beautiful trails around the Cairns region, especially in the winter months.