Making a positive difference to health and wellness Wellness Embodied

Making a positive difference to health and wellnessWellness Embodied
Making a positive difference to health and wellness
Wellness Embodied

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Making a positive difference to health and wellness
Wellness Embodied
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Suzanne Rath started Wellness Embodied in 2017 three years after a serious accident where she was hit by a car in Sydney while cycling, which resulted in multiple fractures to her jaw. Her accident and recovery prompted her to help others, which is why she opened the clinic six years ago. Since then, her highly skilled team of Allied Health professionals has been making a positive impact on the lives of all their clients.

They work together to provide comprehensive, individualised assessments, personalised treatment plans, hands-on therapy, evidence-based rehabilitation, treatment and support.

Included among their highly skilled team are physiotherapists, osteopaths, an exercise physiologist, an occupational therapist and remedial massage therapists.

“Our aim is to work with clients to create actionable, sustainable steps to health and wellbeing,” Suzanne said. “Every client has a different body, history, story and symptom. They each respond differently to varying treatments.”

Her team’s aim is to prioritise health, healing and wellbeing for women, men and children of all ages.

Making a positive difference to health and wellnessWellness Embodied
Making a positive difference to health and wellness
Wellness Embodied

Using a hands-on approach, their services include physiotherapy, osteopathy, exercise physiology, women’s health, strength and conditioning coaching, clinical pilates, naturopathy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, remedial massage, vestibular rehabilitation, osteoporosis exercise classes, running and movement assessments, GLA:d hip and knee treatment and custom orthotics. They also provide mental health management, chronic disease management and more.

Wellness Embodied has expanded since it first opened in 2017 to now include four locations – Sheridan Street, Parramatta Park, Mount Sheridan and Cooktown. Their services, facilities and expert Allied Health team are always expanding to provide clients with comprehensive care, testing, treatment and rehabilitation at all their clinics – including the region’s only accredited Complete Concussions Clinic (CCC) and Dizziness Clinic (CDC).

At CCC, they provide world-class, evidence-based concussion care from baseline testing to treatment and rehabilitation. If you have suffered concussion or have post-concussion syndrome, their team can help you recover safely and provide a pathway to return to usual activities and lifestyle.

Dizziness, vertigo and feeling off balance can be very debilitating and if they become a chronic condition, have the potential to impact your day-to-day life and activities. Wellness Embodied know first-hand the impact these symptoms can have on individuals and are committed to providing first-class treatment at their CDC.

They can support you with treatment at their clinics, at the pool, in your home and via video consults for remote clients. They also offer workshops, packages and classes and provide helpful resources to support their clients.

“Collectively, our focus is to provide supportive treatment to maximise your movement and lifestyle, given your individual circumstances and capabilities, while minimising pain and discomfort,” Suzanne said. “We utilise the latest technologies to support you, including shockwave and gait scan.”

Wellness Embodied provides hands-on treatment and individualised assessment, exercise and rehabilitation with care and compassion. They communicate closely with their clients to gain a clear understanding of their presenting symptoms and possible causes.

They complete thorough assessments to develop personalised treatment plans to deliver best outcomes. They collaborate with their clients, empowering them with information and instruction, enabling them to continue their wellness journey outside of appointments.

Their team of Allied Health professionals are here to ease your pain and can treat headaches, sprains and strains, osteoarthritis, post-concussion syndrome, whiplash, vertigo, motion sickness, functional neurological disorders, hypermobility, TMJ dysfunction as well as pain presenting in various joints and limbs of the body.

In addition, they provide stroke rehabilitation and support women’s health, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, autism, development delay, long-COVID and more.

“Our team understands the biopsychosocial model of pain,” Suzanne said. “We know that so much more than ‘tissue damage’ goes into someone’s pain presentation. We emphasise education with our clients, ensuring they understand their injury, so they can care appropriately for their body during the recovery process.

“At Wellness Embodied we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our patients. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach because we know that doesn’t work.”

They treat and support clients throughout the life cycle, from birth to the twilight years. Referrals are not necessary.

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