Publisher’s Note Spring 2022

This edition we are celebrating many milestones!

At the time of writing this edition’s Publisher’s Note, we are wrapped up in Easter festivities, thinking about the onset of Mother’s Day and surprised at the fact we are only a hop, skip and a jump away from the end of the financial year!

We are well and truly in federal election mode and funding commitments are coming through by the hour it seems. Our wonderful brides and grooms to be are looking forward to finally wedding in our coolest months of the year and soaking up all our little piece of paradise has to offer (Check out our annual wedding feature for all the bridal goodness.)

It is also a moment in time where we are all jumping for joy as COVID restrictions are wound back to almost nothing and the international flood gates open and travellers begin to arrive by the thousands. Our tourism industry is finally breathing a sigh of relief. It feels like a burden has lifted from over us all. There is hope finally back in the hearts and minds of our business owners who rely so heavily on the tourism dollar. It is a time to be celebrated and a time to give thanks to one another for supporting each other through what has been an incredibly difficult time in history.

The past few years have been mammoth! Whether you’ve been in the boom or the bust of this pandemic, everyone is feeling a collective sense of tiredness – overwhelm has been ever present in so many households across the country and as we watch on with global atrocities occurring each and every day we can now see the toll it has taken on everyone as the mental health statistics start to emerge. Those who know the mental toll this has all taken are our agencies on the frontline managing the mental wellness of our community and those needing disability support. That is why we chose this edition to showcase and raise awareness of the remarkable work they are doing out there.

We also have some exciting news to share – the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation is celebrating its 25th Anniversary after raising tens of millions of dollars to uplift healthcare services in our regional hospitals and they are calling on the FNQ community to celebrate with them (details within). And one of our long-time supporters, Totally Workwear Cairns, opens a new facility as they expand their operations with a dedicated Healthcare & Hospitality Department at 123 Scott Street to support the growth of those FNQ industries.

And in an exclusive and candid interview with CityLife Magazine, Darryn Lyons, Mr Paparazzi himself, announces a major investment in the Far North with the official opening of Lyons Gallery in Cairns, boasting some of the most iconic artworks in the world.

Cairns is back baby! We have a lot to celebrate and a lot to look forward to. We hope you enjoy reading this edition as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

P.S. There are still a lot of people doing it tough out there, so please don’t forget to support The Salvation Army this year as they kick off their annual Red Shield Appeal (details within on how you can support the cause).

Jac & Danae xx

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CLM Spring Edition 2022 Cover

Lyons Gallery

Cover story:
“Mr Paparazzi” – Darryn Lyons
By Danae Jones