Publisher’s Note Summer 2022-2023

CityLife Media Publisher Danae Jones
CityLife Media Publisher Danae Jones

Are you feeling tired yet?

Woah!! I am sure you would agree that 2022 has been an epic year on all counts! There is no wonder many people felt the need to put their Christmas decorations up in November this year! Everyone was feeling like getting festive much earlier than usual after what has been an exhausting year for many in Far North Queensland. Here at team CityLife we were those people, we put the Christmas decorations up early so we could cheer our way to the finish line this year (in fact, if we are completely honest with you, we’ve been doing that for the past two years now! LOL). I think it’s becoming a tradition.

This region has endured ongoing staff shortages and supply chain issues in many industry sectors, while also experiencing one of the busiest times in our history economically speaking. And we can’t go without saying how many significant people we have lost locally, nationally and internationally this year. 2022 has had equal cup fulls of good times and bad for our little piece of paradise and the roller coaster of emotions has certainly taken its toll on people. So if kicking the silly season into full gear early is how you are coping, then good for you I say, whatever keeps you sane in this crazy post pandemic environment.

One thing that always strikes me as unique to our region is our ability to just roll up our sleeves and get on with it, rain, hail or shine. And the community has done that in spades this year. So if you haven’t been told how awesome you are for getting through the past two years with a smile still on your face, then I’m here to remind you of just how wonderfully resilient you are and how there are people out there that have noticed. Whether you are the barista at the local coffee shop who makes our coffees in the morning to start our day, the wait staff in the restaurants who are smiling and kind regardless of having pulled a million extra shifts to help the boss out with their staff shortages, or if you’re someone who has just managed to get up each day and get your kids to school, get to work and do your very best, I see you. You are what makes this community so special. Maybe it’s because we’re used to extreme weather events and natural disasters, or maybe it’s just because they breed us tougher in this neck of the woods, either way, we’re a certain kinda special us Far North Queenslanders!
So take the break, eat the good food, drink the great beverages, enjoy some well deserved down time with your favourite people and enjoy this magic weather as we sail into a New Year of no doubt more craziness and intensity that we’ve all become accustomed to. We hope you enjoy our jam-packed Spring/Summer Edition as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you. Don’t forget to check out our specially curated Annual Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide and all the amazing gems we have found for you in our dedicated Northern Beaches, Atherton Tablelands and Edge Hill features. From the entire team here at the CityLife Media Group – we wish you a safe, relaxing and peaceful entry into 2023!

Danae xx

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