Kid’s Life Publisher’s Note | Autumn 2024

Welcome to our Autumn edition of KidsLife!

In this edition we announce that KidsLife EXPOs are back! So save the date – 3rd August 2024 is the first KidsLife EXPO in over 15 years! We are extremely excited to be bringing you this jam packed community event again and look forward to showcasing loads of fun, food and entertainment for all ages. Details are enclosed.

In this edition we hear from Dr Justin Coulson about overcoming anxiety, perfectionism and self loathing – issues on the rise in our young people in Australia.

We also learn about the need for more lighthouses for our kids and teens to help them cope with life better thanks to Author Maggie Dent.

And local educator, Mrs Alison Fitzsimmons reminds us about the importance of connecting with nature and the role it plays in education.

Our WHAT’S ON calendar is full of lots of family friendly events from across the region so you can have some well deserved fun on the school holidays and upcoming weekends.

A big Happy Easter and Happy Mother’s Day to all our families as we enter the Autumn season. We hope you get to have some down time with your loved ones.

Happy reading!

Danae xx