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What do I need to pack for a camping trip?

Whether you are planning your first camping trip, giving out back a crack (your backyard!) or heading on your 3rd adventure this year, it always helps to have a handy checklist before you start loading the boot or trailer with camping gear. Nobody wants to get stuck out Woop Woop without tent pegs, so we’ve put together a printable list to help you be prepared before you hit the road or head out back.

Now, every camp trip starts with a tent or swag, but what else will make your trip comfortable? We show you how you can move from the essentials to the gadgets that will help you become a BCFing expert. From floor mats to camp toilets, eskies to freezers, and buckets to solar showers, even a portable LED mini projector – we have you covered for the ultimate camping set up.

Don’t be distracted by the flashy things, it’s important that you remember to pack the safety gear. A first aid kit, food that will make the distance, water carrier, sunscreen & mozzie spray will make for happy campers. And don’t forget to pack for the weather – summer calls for long sleeved UV protection clothing and when heading on a winter getaway, don’t forget to pack rain gear and a fleece jacket.

□ Tent
□ Hammer
□ Pegs
□ Tarp or Gazebo
□ Rope & Poles
□ Flooring
□ Dust Pan & Brush

□ Mattress/Bed
□ Pillow
□ Sheets
□ Sleeping Bag

□ Camp Chairs
□ Table
□ Cupboard
□ Clothing Line

□ Battery or Rechargable
operated Lantern
□ Battery or Rechargable
operated Torch



□ Solar Shower/
RV Shower/
Hot Water Unit
□ Shower Tent
□ Shower Pole
□ Shower Mats
□ Bucket/Tub

□ Plates, Cups & Utensils
□ Pots & Pans
□ Dishwashing bucket,
detergent & spounge
□ Bin & Bin Bags
□ Paper Towel &
Tea Towels
□ Cooler/ Esky
□ Portable Fridge
□ BBQ/Stove
□ Gas Cylinder
□ Matches/Lighter
□ Cobb Cooker

□ Microfibre Towel
□ Insect Repellent
□ Sunscreen
□ Lip Balm
□ First Aid Kit

□ Thermals
□ Jacket & Fleece
□ Beanie
□ Sublimated Polo
□ Hat
□ Sunglasses
□ Sandals/Thongs

□ Portable LED
Mini Projector
□ Cricket Set
□ Football/Soccer
□ Playing Cards
□ Board Games

□ Maxtrax
□ Air Compressor
□ Hi Lift Jack
□ Recovery Gear
□ Shovel
□ Puncture Repair
□ ULP/Diesel Jerry
□ Water Jerry



□ Generator & Oil
□ Power Boards
□ Extension Leads
□ Battery Charger
□ Device Chargers
□ Jump Starter Pack
□ Inverter
(Pure or Modified)

□ Rods
□ Reels
□ Tackle Box
□ Bait
□ Filleting Knife
□ Brag Mat
□ Bucket
□ Rod Holder