Rejuvenation made easy


Rejuvenation made easy
Tracey Defferard from PUMP Aesthetique

Words by Janie Barton

There’s no denying everyone wants to look and feel their best. While it’s not always easy to do, there is one Cairns professional who excels in helping to uplift people and assist them to achieve their goals of looking fresh and rejuvenated.

Tracey Defferard, a registered nurse for more than 16 years and a personal trainer, has years of experience in helping people regain their confidence. In order to do just that, she opened PUMP Aesthetique, a cosmetic injectables clinic, in September 2021.

“I worked alongside a plastic and reconstructive surgeon for eight years, and I learned a lot from her and her nurse,” said Tracey, who also worked at Cairns Plastic Surgery and SILK Laser Clinic Cairns and who is also an advanced injector. “I saw firsthand the benefits it gave to clients.

“We did quite few different treatments and the use of fillers, anti-wrinkles, lasers, rejuvenating treatments, chemical peels and mostly injectables.”

Tracey said the main benefit her clients feel from her range of services is self-confidence.
“That’s why I wanted to get into the injectable industry,” she said. “I gained so much more confidence myself when I had injectables. It made me feel much more confident, and I know firsthand how it can have such a good effect on others.”

Tracey offers a range of tailor-made treatments for clients to help rejuvenate their skin, prevent or treat ageing signs such as wrinkles and tighten and lift sagging skin.

“Injectables is now a part of beauty regimes for a lot of clients, and it’s a lot more acceptable today than it was in the past,” said Tracey, who offers a free consultation.

“Most of my clients come to me wanting a natural, refreshed look.

“I have younger clients who want lip fillers or to change the shape of their cheeks or jaw lines and older clients who want to remove visible signs of ageing. “There is a growing number of men wanting treatments, particularly those who are health conscious and want to keep up with their partners. Men want to look and feel good too.”

The positive results she gives to her clients are due to her experience, education and personal experience.

“I love seeing the transformation of my clients and how it gives them so much more confidence,” said Tracey, who only uses the best products on the market.

Tracey is also a personal trainer and offers nutrition training.

“Health gives you confidence,” she said. “When you’re healthy, you feel fit and are able to live your daily life without getting puffed doing things like carrying the groceries or playing with the kids.

“It’s very rewarding for me to help people feel healthier and look their best.”

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