Decluttering Your Home


Decluttering Your Home
with Sherry Rae

We haven’t spent as much time at home in history prior to the Global Pandemic taking hold and it has certainly made us all sit up and take notice of our home space and how we can improve it.

Decluttering your home space can have many far-reaching benefits:
• It allows you to take stock of what you’re living with
• It decreases stress and clears the mind (as they say, a clear space creates a clear mind)
• You will breathe better, as there will be less stuff to collect dust and germs
• You will find items you are looking for much easier
• Your days will flow much easier as your space will be designed and organised to work for your life and how you function
• You can actually make money by selling items you no longer have any use for
• You can donate items to charity and receive that feel good emotion of helping someone else who may need what you no longer do
• Clutter blocks abundance. Believe it or not, our homes and our possessions are full of energy and memories we’ve collected along the way, both positive and negative. Decluttering your space not only renews the energy in your home, but it gives you room to clear out any negative energy that you may have had lying around and didn’t know it. It will allow you to make way for the new and positive.

A lot of people find it very difficult to let go of stuff and people rarely realise they are hindering their own abundance by holding onto material possessions that serve no purpose for them any more.

We have three very simple steps we follow to organise your home:
1. Declutter – edit out what you no longer need and choose what items you wish to keep
2. Design – make your space fit for purpose so it suits your needs, your daily flow and function to bring ease into your life
3. Organise – organise your items so they are categorised and labelled

Many people comment on how “a weight has lifted” from them when they finally complete their declutter process. It really is a wonderful feeling – that’s why I love what I do so much, the smiles on people’s faces at the end of the decluttering and organising process is all so so worth it!

Sherry Rae is the owner of Cairns Home Organisers, a team of professional organisers just waiting to free up some space in your world!