Pretty Muay Thai

Pretty Muay Thai

Many people ask me the question ‘What is Muay Thai?’ A simple question but not one that has a simple answer. The straightforward, most obvious answer is that it is a martial art, created and developed over many centuries, originating in the ancient and beautiful country of Thailand. Muay Thai, however, is more than a martial art or a combat sport. For many it is a way of life and an escape from the normal everyday rigmarole of life. For myself my journey with Muay Thai began over 12 years ago. Prior to joining my first and only Muay Thai gym I had a preconceived idea of what Muay Thai was, a brutal, ugly form of combat that relied on ‘toughness’ and ‘heart.’ Coming from a pure boxing background of ‘hit but don’t get hit’ I was surprised to find that when taught and practised in its true and authentic form, Muay Thai shares many similarities and concepts to western boxing.

At Pretty Muay Thai we pride ourselves on delivering Muay Thai and Boxing in a similar way, focusing on perfect technique and proper form while training in an open and fun environment.

Pretty Muay Thai aims to smash certain stereotypes that are understandably linked to combat sport and martial arts in general.

Martial arts gyms can be intimidating and daunting to say the least.

What can I expect from my first class?
From the first moment that you enter our gym you will be greeted with friendly faces and big smiles as all of our members have been in the exact same situation and remember what it’s like to start such a seemingly scary new challenge like Muay Thai but one that you will never regret starting! One great example of this is our top fighter and assistant coach Jessie Geyl! Jessie is a loving mother of two, an artist and a qualified massage therapist who prior to starting up Muay Thai had no experience whatsoever in combat sport. Fast forward four years she now has five championship belts on the wall of our gym.

What are the benefits of Muay Thai and Boxing?
Muay Thai and Boxing are great ways to get fit, challenge yourself and most importantly can give you the opportunity to make new friends! Muay Thai and Boxing is also an awesome way to teach children all about respect, honesty, loyalty, patience and self-discipline!

What classes do we offer?
At Pretty Muay Thai our classes are catered toward absolute beginners looking to learn a new skill and get fit, Junior classes for children aged 3 – 13 years old and our competition team for those looking to challenge themselves by competing in the Muay Thai/Boxing ring!
We also offer our extremely popular development program the Build A Fighter Challenge, a 16 week program designed to teach, guide and develop an absolute beginner into a competent amateur boxer. The Pretty Muay Thai team of coaches have 27 years of experience between them so you are definitely in good hands!

I have no experience, can I still do the classes?
We have classes that cater to beginners. The classes teach you good technique through our unique methods and system and get you fit, all while having fun!

How do I try a class?
Trying out our classes is as easy as scanning a QR Code! We offer a 1-week trial for $29 which will give you access to a full week of all Muay Thai and Boxing fitness classes as well as our stretching and mobility classes. Just scan the QR code below and sign up for your trial now!

Photos by Micah Hart: The Social Impact