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Personalised Vows

Consult The Standards:
Even if you’ve decided against conventional vows, it’s still helpful to use them as a starting point. Ask your officiant to give you some examples of vows that would normally be used in your venue, and build from there.

Decide if you want to say separate vows, or if you’d rather each recite an identical, all-encompassing vow that you compose together. If you choose to make it a joint task, pen a mutual vow that you both take. Or, create a fill-in-the blank model for each one of you to personalise.

Use special memories to look at the past and think about the future. Try to incorporate a meaningful anecdote about what brought the two of you together. Mention how you met, your first date, the proposal, and anything in between.

Look for inspiration from the myriad of love songs and sonnets available. From Shakespeare to Sinatra, there’s plenty of inspiration and quotable material out there. Jot down words and phrases that capture your feelings, and use them as a springboard.

Your wedding vows are the most important element of your ceremony, but don’t make them too long. No matter how gorgeous your prose, your audience may start to squirm if you ramble on. A good rule of thumb is to keep them to approximately one minute.