Give Hope Where It’s Needed Most


Give Hope Where It’s Needed Most
Major Ben Johnson

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, family and domestic violence reporting has sharply increased. This ‘shadow pandemic’ emerged as changed working conditions led to women being twice as likely to experience domestic abuse, and extreme financial stress made the risk of violence three times higher. Women living with violence are often caught between two heartbreaking choices: stay and suffer abuse – or leave and face homelessness.

The generosity of the Australian public to the Red Shield Appeal allows The Salvation Army to provide a third option for women: safety, connection and ongoing care. This includes accommodation, support through the legal system, financial relief, trauma counselling, employment support and so much more.

One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.

Family & Domestic Violence can lead to years of trauma, homelessness and instability. Your Red Shield Appeal donation can help make sure people find a way out of crisis and a way back to a full and happy life.

Last year, The Salvation Army provided support and services to 5800 women and children who were experiencing or at risk of experiencing family and domestic violence. We provided 887,500 crisis beds to people experiencing homelessness and helped over 12,900 people with financial counselling.

The Salvation Army is asking you to help us leave no one in need by supporting the Red Shield Appeal. Together, we can walk alongside others in similar situations and help them find a way out of crisis and a way back to hope.

Every 17 seconds, The Salvation Army in Australia helps someone at one of our services or programs. This only happens because of the public’s generous support of the Red Shield Appeal.


As the impact of natural disasters, COVID-19 as well as the increased cost of living continues to affect people and families across the country, we have seen a larger demand on our services. The Salvation Army is asking you to help us leave no one in need by supporting the Red Shield Appeal.