Myer Cairns Reborn

Myer Cairns Reborn by Danae Jones

After more than 20 years as the cornerstone of retail in FNQ, MYER has undertaken a significant redevelopment of its Cairns store. The long-standing brand is now poised to usher in a festive season like no other for the local community, with all the trimmings set to dazzle this festive season.

The MYER redevelopment has been part of the significant Cairns Central $60 million redevelopment undertaken by Lendlease. Throughout the staged project, MYER Cairns has been given a complete facelift and in case you haven’t been in store as yet, it is now home to one of the most spectacular stores in the country.

The new MYER store spans across a larger, single floor of approximately 7,500 sqm with an improved retail experience and an increased number of new and exclusive brands for local customers.

“It’s been lots of work with the fantastic team at Lendlease, and our project management team around design concepts and upgrading new fixtures. And always looking back to what works for our community up here, because Cairns is a unique place in Australia,” said Wayne Cosgrove.

If you haven’t been in store as yet, this is just some of what you have to look forward to.

“So it’s the latest and greatest of everything that MYER puts forward, so new fixtures, some new beautiful cosmetics counters and houses, and we’ve got some fantastic new and exciting brands coming to the store, which is great news for our customers. Customers will see that it is a new, larger one level store – and we think customers will love the layout and amenity – and we cant wait to welcome them through the doors.”

And there’s lots of new additions in the cosmetics department.

“Cosmetics is a really exciting space for us, and there’s been more than thirty additional brands join us in our general cosmetics business, but what we’re most excited about is the addition of the Benefit brow bar, so waxing and brow services as well as all their cosmetics and brow tools will be available for our customers as well.”

“I think in a small town like this it’s important for a place like MYER to be the heart of a community. So we’ve sponsored and become involved in various important community initiatives that are important to our customers and to our team members,” Mr Cosgrove said.

Some team members staff have been with the Company from the very beginning and while it’s a time for rebirthing the iconic brand in Far North Queensland, they can’t help but reminisce of their time with the Company and all that it has brought to their life aside from the obvious benefits of employment.

“It’s a great place to work, it’s a good environment, I like the department I work in ladies shoes, I have my favourite customers and there’s just nowhere else I’d rather be than just here,” said Dallas, MYER Employee of (11 years).

For the team members who’ve stood the test of time, the store has become far more than a workplace.

“Very much so. I just lost my father and I have never had so many hugs in all my life, from all my work colleagues, and it really helped me get through the day,” said Dallas.

“It’s just a good social outing actually for me, I really enjoy my work. I stayed home on the farm for so many years when the children went to school and my daughter was overseas, so I thought I’ll have to get a job, and so that’s when I ended up at MYER, and I’m still here with the MYER family, it’s great,” said Lola Howe, MYER Employee (15 years).

Wayne Cosgrove has been a key driving force at MYER since his arrival to Cairns and the customer centric manager says it’s all about listening to people and finding a way to give the community what they expect and to really be a part of their lives.

Mr Cosgrove’s team say he’s equally team centric and someone who has instilled a great sense of positive morale amongst the team members and under his leadership they have thrived.

“I think that culture is a really important thing in a store and this is the most isolated and remote store in terms of geographically to other stores, so they’re a very self-sufficient team, but sometimes you’ve just got to pump people’s tyres up and invest in them and make them feel valued. And they’re a great team that know what good looks like,” he said.

“MYER’s been a fixture here in Cairns for 23 years now, and this
redevelopment highlights the Company’s commitment to our loyal Cairns customers” he said.

A lot of excitement is building for the creation of the 2020 MYER Giftoruim. At the time of writing, the fit out was still being finalised, but it is tipped to be the most magical place to shop this festive season for everything from ornate Christmas trimming, to personalised chocolates for family and friends that can be made while you wait.

“We’re really excited about Christmas in our new store. Between Christmas trim, food and our Giftorium, MYER really is the home of everything Christmas,” Mr Cosgrove said.

For long standing loyal customers, they couldn’t be more impressed with the new look MYER.

“It really is something special, we are so lucky to have MYER and Lendlease stand by us through good times and bad in Cairns and deliver such a significant redevelopment for our region using all local businesses. The injection into the economy I am sure has been welcomed. I love shopping at MYER as they not only have the best range, but the team members are incredibly helpful. And let’s face it, no store does Christmas better than MYER, it’s THE place to shop with Christmas cheer from top to toe,” said Kim Fairweather.

“Cairns punches above its weight in the MYER family and are really proud of this redevelopment, which is great for Cairns and for our customers – we think our customers will love it as much as we do!” said MYER Employee, Dallas.