Lounge Wear is the “NEW” Event Wear!

Move over heels and tight dresses it’s all about the coolest track pants, and lounge shorts! Who would have thought your top designers would be scrambling to come up with the most wanted item of the season! Atoir sold out over night with their cool collection!

C&M, Zara, P.E Nation, Seed and Country Road to name a few also have on point ranges available.

Pair back with chunky sneakers or the “teva sandal”. For those wondering what the teva sandal is? Remember the velcro style that you would go either in the water with, camping or your Dad wore them with his stubbies? Yes! They are summers “IT “sandal so get on board and get comfortable! You will be pleased to know they are a lot more fashionable and come in lots of options and price points. If they are not for you then choose a slightly more subtle style and opt for a platform style slide.

Spring/Summer you will see lots of knit sets come through matching in shorts and tops, and linen will be strong again. Cheesecloth styles also so soft and wash and wear well. It’s all about loose and relaxed.

The smock dress (another term for the baby doll dress) is going to be a popular style and perfect if you have put on a few Kg’s over COVID! Bonus also is that they are nice and cool in our tropical heat.

Puff and padded sleeves if you are not already wearing them now is the time to try it as they are not going anywhere. Start with a classic shirt with a puff sleeve then team it back with a denim short, you can’t go wrong! (Any age can wear this look, adjust your short length to your age and add your own touch with accessories).

Corset styles are popping up, designers such as Dion Lee are taking lead. For the fashionistas this could be your new LBD for the season!


Aqua, Blues, Lilac, Blush, Red, Lemon, Greens, Greys and Tobacco Brown are predictions for 2021.

• Square toes and mules will be our Summer staple with netting and padded styles adding newness for the season
• Combat boots (google if you need inspiration) although we are heading into Spring if you see a pair on sale pick them up for next winter.
• Mary Jane style
• Prada are bringing out chunky bright gumboots! Maybe good for our wet season?!
• Platforms in every shoe style
• Teva sandal and chunky sneaker which I have already mentioned.
• Stiletto – My fave! Does wonders for short people!

• Prada, Fendi and Burberry are walking the catwalks with box style bags.
• Tom Ford and Versace are wearing neck bags. (we can be hands free)
• Large totes! Don’t go too big if you are petite
• Belt bags are still going strong and my pick!

• Large brim hats
• Baker boy caps
• Headbands with crystals and bling
• Head scarfs – Check out Dior
• Sunglasses – Oversized and cat eye shapes
• Earrings – One earring trend or one dramatic and one smaller. Hoops with charms, and clip on’s are making a comeback! (So get into your Mum or Grandma’s jewellery box)
• Crosses and pearls are still very popular.
• Necklaces – Chains are still going strong so if you want to add a new accessory this is my pick for you to try. Most costume jewellery stores have lots of options. Next winter you will see a return of the choker but slightly different to a couple of years ago, this time it will be more textured.
• Belts – I have seen most styles both thick and thin down the catwalk. Ropes and harness styles were something new.
• Socks!!! With every shoe! If you have seen your teenagers wearing slides with socks well, we are heading that way too. Look out for their reactions!

So now with your list in hand I expect to see you all walking around with your track pants on, socks with mules, neck handbag, and large cross earrings. Don’t forget your latest shade of pastel pink lippy too!
(Also trending!) ha ha
Pip xx

If you would like me to write about something in particular, could be kid’s fashion and how to style your teen, work wardrobe, what colours work best for your skin tone? I would love to hear from you. Get in touch and mention your topic of interest and I will do my best to deliver.