Violetta Sekler

You could be forgiven for thinking this Russian bombshell just stepped off the catwalk in Milan, but truth is, not only is Violetta Sekler the loving mother of two beautiful children and wife to a billionaire property tycoon, she’s a highly successful former strategic financial analyst and Vice President of one of the world’s largest investment groups.

Violetta has recently hung up her hat in the world of corporate investment and has made a complete career shift to become a Happiness, Relationship and Empowerment Coach based out of Cairns, which she and her family now call home.

It’s a far cry from her days of flying all over the world in her own private jet for high powered meetings with some of the world’s most wealthiest business people, but it’s a shift in her career that has been a long held desire. Her passion to help others going through life’s greatest challenges something she has been educating herself in for some time.

“I love to study and I read a lot, so yes I have gathered quite the list of qualifications over the years in this field,” she says with a cheeky smile.

Violetta Sekler is likely one of the most qualified Life and Relationship coaches you’ll find in Australia, with a string of credentials under her belt and various specialised modalities to assist her in gaining the best outcomes for her clients.

“I have always been attracted to, and charmed by, the power of positive thinking and human potential. In my early childhood I was introduced to the works of Dale Carnegie, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Norman Vincent Peale, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and Louise Hay.”

“Born in Russia, my upbringing was fairly conventional and by the time I was 20, I was on the same path as many other young people – studying at university, working part-time, socialising with friends and having relationships,” Violetta says.
But she says her complacency came crashing down when she suddenly realised that she was living somebody else’s life … somebody else’s dreams.

“I wasn’t interested in my chosen course of study, I didn’t enjoy my job, my ‘friends’ were just acquaintances, my relationships weren’t healthy. I felt emotionally, mentally and spiritually lost.  I asked myself, what was my purpose?

“Not knowing the answer to this question was painful in every way and I finally had no choice but to look at myself brutally and honestly. I questioned my motives and those of other people, examined my beliefs and my fears and explored my justifications about why I had succeeded or failed,” she said.

Violetta let go of everything because it wasn’t working for her. And out of this dark time came an ability to appreciate her strengths and gifts, and recognition of what she wanted her contribution to the world to be.

“I left Russia and travelled, living in the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Israel, observing that as humans we genuinely have a desire to connect with our inner selves and align our dreams with reality.

“I studied extensively, researching what happiness means to different people and establishing tried and tested ways of empowering people to be able to create the life they wanted to live.”

Now 33 years old and settled in Cairns as a happy wife, fulfilled mother, loving daughter and caring friend, she says each day she makes the most of every opportunity. She has become an overnight success through her existing elite connections in the finance and property industry globally and as a practicing Life and Relationship Coach for her high end clients she’s keen to share her expertise with the locals of Far North Queensland and give them a taste of what it’s like to have Life Coaching support to help them through life’s most challenging moments.
“Some of the highest profile businessmen and women all over the world now have Life Coaches, in the business world we are as common place as personal trainers. But like PT’s there are good coaches and not so good coaches. I think it shouldn’t just be a service offered to the privileged however, and at this point in my life as my family have made considerable wealth it’s about helping others. I want to offer it to people at an affordable price so it’s an attainable service and they can experience the many benefits of having someone in their corner in the good times and in the bad,” she says.

Violetta Sekler and her company Authentic Me already boasts 145,000 Instagram followers with a dominant following from her country of origin, Russia, where she is most well known.

“I have always been a big believer in what you set your mind to you can achieve. I have designed my life and put out to the universe what I wanted in life and it has all come to me through a lot of hard work yes, but also a lot of dreaming big and allowing myself to receive all the goodness of life that I deserve. I never in my wildest dreams expected to be where I am today, nor with the following I’ve managed to attract on social media. But it has happened, like so many other wonderful things in my life, and I am very grateful.”

“Today, it is my life’s work to help people recognise what happiness means to them, and to assist them to make transformative shifts in their way of thinking to realise their true potential,” she says.

Anyone in business in Far North Queensland is encouraged to reach out to Violetta for a COMPLIMENTARY Dream Big Challenge – Make Your Wishes Come True In 2020:
e: info@violettasekler.com
w: www.violettasekler.com