Modern-Day Mary Poppins


Modern-Day Mary Poppins
By Stacey Carrick
Photography by Catherine Coombs

Sarah Jones has come a long way from growing up on a farm in Tully to being a nanny for some of the most rich and famous people in the world. Despite regularly liaising with Hollywood celebrities, royal families and chefs, the most important thing to Sarah is the children she looks after as she is highly invested in them as individuals.

She is highly sought after as a super nanny due to her dedication, enthusiasm and beliefs. “Nannies are the wind beneath your wings,” Sarah said. “They are superheroes without capes, the answer to your prayers. If you don’t have grandparents nearby, they are a fantastic support system. Nannies give you more ‘me time’ to do the things you need to do, our aim is to make life easier for you. Nannies on a Mission are not just babysitters. We provide childcare, but we can also do housekeeping and cooking. We are a modern day Mary Poppins. Your nanny becomes an extended part of your family, we are there when you need an extra pair of hands to chaperone children, represent parents at different events or simply attend swimming lessons, haircuts or gift buying plus be at home to meet the tradie. We offer a holistic approach as we help make a family’s life easier and we are so much more flexible than traditional daycare options.”

Nannies on a Mission started, ironically enough, in Mission Beach, and now also services Cairns, Port Douglas and the Tablelands. Sarah saw the opportunity to try something new and different after Cyclone Yasi devastated the region in 2011. She was based in London and has also lived in Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Greece, Austria and Germany while looking after the children of actors affiliated with Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, Mamma Mia! and Step Up. Sarah also attended VIP events such as Paris Fashion Week and the Cannes Film Festival. Discretion is of utmost importance to Sarah’s clients and celebrities she has rubbed shoulders with, although a few she is allowed to mention include Camilla Franks, featured in a recent edition of CityLife Magazine, Pink (Sarah loved her shoes!), Sean Penn (a very funny guy!) and chef Neill Anthony. She also met a very famous American singer, who shall remain unnamed, because that’s the way love goes! The buzz in Mission Beach at the moment is over the film Irreverent, currently being filmed there. Sarah and her team are out in force assisting families involved with the movie. Nannies on a Mission stems from Sarah’s love of being confident, efficient, helpful and supportive, as well as her love of playgrounds. “I have an ability to talk to anyone,” she said. “I love being organised. I love executing plans with amazing results, looking at something and going above and beyond. That’s who we are.

“When you are in the company of a child, it is a good excuse to have fun, as well as being a role model. I have always been a fun yet firm nanny, someone who children warm to and want to be around.

“Nannies on a Mission are not just babysitters. We provide childcare, but we can also do housekeeping and cooking. We are a modern day Mary Poppins.”

“We also work with parents so we act as role models to their children. Our nannies are tailored to suit the needs of each individual family. We mirror the parenting style of the family and lead by example.” Sarah said employing the services of a nanny has numerous benefits for couples wanting to enjoy holidays, date nights and weddings or other occasions. “We enjoy doing craft activities with children,” she said. “Crafts give children something to show for their time, they also teach them about sharing equally, being patient and time management.” Nannies on a Mission currently has 25 nannies in the region and is on the lookout for more nannies — they are looking for people with childcare qualifications, a Blue Card, First Aid certificate and a police check. The Junior Nanny program commenced recently, providing on-the-job training for nannies aged from 16 to 20.

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