4 Easy Steps To A Zero Waste Kitchen By WholeLife Pharmacy & Healthfoods

4 Easy Steps To A Zero Waste Kitchen
By WholeLife Pharmacy & Healthfoods

When you look around your kitchen and realise just how much waste we contribute to the planet, it can be daunting. It may even be overwhelming to imagine what a waste-free kitchen could look like in your home. All it takes are a handful of simple steps to get that waste-free ‘magazine-esque’ kitchen that everyone is talking about. Here are 4 simple steps to creating a waste-free culinary space.

Step 1. Keep Your Zero-Waste Kitchen Minimal.

Have you heard of minimalists? They are people who thrive in environments with minimal ‘things.’ Having a minimal low waste kitchen means you’re not OTT with products (such as that Tupperware drawer that won’t close because you haven’t had time to clear out all the unmatched lids). Instead, a minimalist would keep a handful of good quality, long lasting glassware sets in replacement of the hundred plastic Tupperware containers. Need inspiration? For a heavy duty, sleek storing container that will last a lifetime, we suggest the Hungry Max Stainless Steel Lunchbox 1.2L by Cheeki.
Step 2. Buying In Bulk Where Possible.

Now we know that buying in bulk can sometimes be unfeasible when it costs triple the amount of your regular serving size. But there is beauty in buying bulk as there is less waste AND in the long run, it can be more cost effective to ‘buy bigger, buy once’. We have so many great bulk buys at WholeLife! When it comes to sustainable living, you cannot go past Simply Clean which has all your kitchen essentials, and at a great price too… buy more for less! You can grab the eco-friendly Lemon Myrtle Dishwash Liquid 1L (yes 1 litre!) which is made with minimal and clean ingredients (we love).
Step 3. Replace Single Use Products With Reusable Ones.

If you didn’t know that you can buy reusable products for almost everything in your kitchen, then let me introduce you to your trusty new kitchen BFF Ever Eco. Replace waxy baking paper with the Silicone Baking Mats 2 pack… Which in our humble opinion, does a better job than baking paper (No more paper stuck to the bottom of biscuits in this zero-waste kitchen). Similarly, another product favourite, we have the Reusable Silicone Food Pouches 2 x 1L. These bad boys are set to replace your 100 pack of single use plastic Ziplock bags and they are great at it! Did we mention they are dishwasher safe too?
Step 4. Use What You Already Have.

When you open your fridge and see that the almost bad carrot, slightly wilted spinach, and a half empty bottle of milk are all that’s left for dinner, it can be tempting to duck to the grocery store or order takeaway. But what’s that? Yep, more waste… Have a crack at using what you already have in the house. Take those potatoes at the bottom of the cupboard, throw some stock into the pot, and create a stew, curry or a buddha bowl with the remaining ingredients. This reduces waste as you (shockingly) end up using the ingredients you purchased last week, instead of throwing them into the bin. Your wallet will also thank you for this tip – you’re welcome.

Remember, when working towards a waste free kitchen, it is not about being perfect. Try to reduce waste where you can and reuse whenever possible. Just do your best and the planet will reward you in return.