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Alkaline Foods

Vince Pappalardo
: wholelife.com.au
Co-Founder and Pharmacist

Alkaline foods are foods that increase the pH in the body. Examples of alkaline foods include bananas, celery and dates.

Acidic foods we need to limit as much as we can and they include sugary foods, tea, coffee and alcohol.

Eating alkaline foods reduces the acidity in the body, which is the gateway to inflammation.

People prone to inflammation really need to adjust what they’re eating and increase their alkaline foods such as vegetables, leafy greens, carrots and asparagus.

We are what we eat. When we eat processed foods and fast foods, we get that sluggish feeling.
Eating clean, fresh foods allows our body to run at an optimal pace. These foods are good for sleep, good for our mood and total wellbeing.

At the pharmacy we have a range of whole foods and health options, as well as a conventional pharmacy team and naturopaths.

Our aim is to treat people’s health in a holistic manner. We thoroughly believe that prevention is better than a cure.

We have a new brand that is starting off in Cairns and expanding nationally as well, it is our Wholefoods brand. It’s all about nourishing our mind and body through better choices. We do things differently at WholeLife compared to other pharmacies and we proudly blend nature based remedies with pharmaceutical treatment options. We want to breathe fresh air into the whole industry and show people how to live a longer, healthier life.