Global Long Drive Competition Hits Port Douglas

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Global Long Drive Competition Hits Port Douglas

Australia is set to take on New Zealand in Golf’s ultimate Long Drive competition as a part of the Drummond Golf Survivor Series Grand Final in Port Douglas this December at the Mirage Country Club.

The Survivor Golf Series Grand Final will encourage locals to come and join the festivities with the Xtreme Drivers League (XDL)-Global Infinity Series Long Drive Competition. Entry is free and there will be a huge grandstand setup, live DJ, food and drinks as the famous Aussie Long Ballers take on the New Zealand Long Blacks in the XDL Trans Tasman Clash.

The evening will also see a celebrity long drive competition with some local and interstate celebs stepping up to hit some bombs. Aussie contestant and local Cairns Long Driver Paul Mews is hoping to bring home the crown for Australia in the inaugural Trans Tasman Clash. “This is super exciting to be bringing the XDL to Australia and to have it here in my hometown is going to be amazing. I am really pumped to be bringing this amazing sport to the fans in Far North Queensland,” Mews said. “The Kiwi’s are renowned for hitting some big drives but we have a solid roster of Aussie Long Ballers and I’m confident we can do it for the home crowd at the Mirage Country Club.

The newly established Xtreme Drivers League (XDL) is set to position the sport of Long Drive as a subcategory of golf in an effort to provide athletes, events, and sponsors of the game with a more defined brand, along with an opportunity to introduce the sport to the Olympic Games. With 26 events successfully completed in five countries, two national teams established, and the largest prize purse paid in the history of Long Drive, CEO & President Olna Ford has taken the sport to a new and exciting level.

“Since its inception, the sport of Long Drive has been deeply intertwined with the game of golf,” Ford said. “Still, there are many nuances that set it apart as a new and exciting, high performance sport. “It’s time to not only recognise the differences of Long Drive and celebrate our sport’s unique history, but also look to the future and create opportunities to broaden the reach of the sport and the exposure for our athletes who deserve every opportunity to compete in and showcase the sport they are so passionate about.”

The Drummond Golf Survivor Golf Series is the fastest growing 2-person Ambrose golf tournament in Australia. Our mission is to make amateur golfers feel like professionals while putting a playful twist on traditional golf. Each year the lucky winning teams from each qualifying event across Australia score their place in the Major Final at Mirage Country Club, Port Douglas! Each event of the Survivor Golf Series is a 2-person Ambrose format.

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