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What should couples look for in a wedding photographer?
It’s going to vary depending on what the couple want from their day.

Personally, I aim to deliver a beautiful record of the day, and I want the memories to be of moments that are alive with authenticity. If a couple are focused on the experience of the day, rather than a particular look, then I would suggest finding a photographer who can treat the day as a wedding, rather than a photo shoot.

For me, the best results happen when a couple feel free to get on with their day, be present with the process, the people, and be immersed in the actual moments they are sharing together. In my case, the photographer’s job is to capture those moments.

How important is the location, and do you prefer indoor or outdoor settings?
The main thing is that everyone, particularly the couple, are comfortable. In that sense, the location is important to the extent that it affects their mood on the day. It might be the case that there are folk of various ages in the wedding group, and it might not suit the grandparents to hike down to the beach for the ceremony.

I have a background in nature photography, so for me an outdoor setting always appeals. We’re in a uniquely gorgeous part of the country and the world, up here, so if possible, an outdoor setting is great. During the ceremony, my focus is on the couple, the subtle expressions, and sometimes it’s easier to have the formal parts of the ceremony without the unpredictabilities of the wind, light, and weather generally. If one opts for the inside setting for the ceremony, it’s easy access, easy to shoot the family and group shots, and then there’s always the option to head out for the portrait session and get as funky as you please.

What role does lighting play?
Lighting is often the “X” factor in an image – but things really happen when all the elements line up. First, we need the energy to be right, then the light. In most cases we achieve both.

What do you love about wedding photography?
I love to meet folk who are enjoying one of the most significant moments in their lives. I feel humbled by the trust I am shown, and love the vulnerability, the privilege of capturing their expressions of love, their crew, and to know that I’m going to deliver something that is precious to them, that will strengthen their union and bring smiles to their future days.

I love that we choose beautiful locations, gather our loved ones, frock up in the ultimate way, and dig in to find words, tears etc., to tell each other what we mean to each other. I love the ritual, and the uniqueness of each couple’s vision…. And I love to chase the light!

How do you create the perfect photo?
Create the feeling in the moment, and then let instinct take over…

What sets you apart from other photographers?
My years of experience allow me to focus on the people and their feelings. Many wedding days have begun lasting friendships. We each have a unique eye, and mine is creative and reverent of natural beauty. The landscape photography is a defining feature of my work.

Finally, I use the finest gear, study fiendishly, and am delighted to offer my couples seamless story telling with stills and video included in all of my packages.