CityLife FASHION | Autumn/Winter Fashion Forecast 2021


Autumn/Winter Fashion Forecast 2021
What you need to know to refresh and inspire your wardrobe this season.

This time last year we were heading into lock down and uncertainty of what was to come? We had no idea that “Lounge Wear’ was going to be the hottest look for the year!

2021 however, we are so looking forward to dressing up again, and enjoying life to the fullest! Here is some fashion inspiration to kick things off!

Due to our hot climate, we rarely get the chance to layer up, but we can certainly add some statement pieces to add newness and warmth to our wardrobes.

Although the lounge pant is still going to be a staple this season you will be able to dress it up more. If you want to mix it up add a plaid pattern pair.

One of the hottest looks you will see is the combat boot which is being teamed back with everything from flowy feminine dresses, denim and leather. If you feel this is not a look you can pull off, try a loafer/ brogue style shoe which is also back in a big way.

Padded shoulders (a squeal of delight!) I love them!! Think ‘80s inspired looks in everything from T-shirts to oversized blazers. The puff sleeve you will still be able to enjoy is not going anywhere and makes the boring work shirt look glam!

Coco or Latte – pick your preference, this gorgeous colour is a must staple this season. I am wearing it with everything from white, black, and pastel hues.

Straight leg denim is in demand and suits most body shapes, team this back with a button through relaxed shirt for effortless chic!

Leather is a key look this winter in lots of colour choices, I suggest you pick a style in a skirt or shorts which will be best suited for our climate and looks super cute with a logo or padded shoulder T-shirt.

You may have seen a lot of cut outs in the waist and crop tops which will continue, the crop knit cardi will be the winter option. The knitted dress options are still running out the door also.

Ruffles and capes haven’t gone after all, so hold on to them and start wearing them again.

Your shopping guide and street style images to help refresh and inspire you.

• Combat Boot

• Move over Puff Sleeves, it’s all about the
Padded Shoulder

• Some colours to include – Hubba Bubba Pink, Blue,
Tan, Monochrome, Olive, Orange and Neon

• Straight high waisted Denim

• Leather

• Something that sparkles

• Fringing

• Ruffles

• Smock dress

• Branding – logos head to toe!

• Oversized button shirts, or the trench coat

• Silver is popping up, add some sparkle

Pip xx

Images credit to their owner