Frozen Coconut Yoghurt Bark with The Children’s Blend

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Frozen Coconut Yoghurt Bark with The Children’s Blend

Dessert time has never been easier (or as nutritious) as our frozen coconut yoghurt bark, packed with the nutrient powerhouse The Children’s Blend, the newest release from our favourites at Foraged For You.

The Children’s Blend is a powerful source of naturally occurring nutrients from real food, perfect for little ones aged seven months and above. It has been specifically formulated for the nutritional requirements of children, to support their growth and development when consumed in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Ingredients include organic beetroot juice, and all organic fermented blend (including the likes of fermented red lentils, broccoli, and chlorella among others) organic grass fed beef liver, freeze dried wild harvested elderberry, stevia leaf, organic chamomile flowers, organic camu camu and organic Atlantic kelp.

If you’re thinking ‘there’s NO WAY I’m getting my kids to consume any of that!’ – don’t worry, we got you! When mixed in with the likes of Gaga’s Plant Based Greek Yoghurt (which itself is full of gut-loving bacteria) the flavour is too good to resist.

This recipe is super simple and fast to make (no more than 10 minutes, minus the freezing time) and is a fun afternoon activity to do with the kids.

Haven’t had a chance to get your hand on the Children’s Blend yet? No dramas – replace with the Mothers Blend instead!
• 3 tsp Foraged for You
The Children’s Blend
• 1 cup Gaga’s Plant Based
Greek Yoghurt Natural
• Strawberries, sliced
• Blueberries
• Hemp seeds

1. Line a flat tray with baking paper (and make sure you have enough room in the freezer to fit it in!)

2. In a bowl, mix the Greek yoghurt and The Children’s Blend.

3. Spread an even layer of the yoghurt mix over the tray, and then top with strawberries, blueberries and hemp seeds (or whatever else your little ones like – bananas, nuts, granola…)

4. Place the tray in the freezer to set for at least 4-5 hours until the yoghurt is completely set, or quickly make before bedtime so it can freeze overnight.

5. Remove from the freezer and either slice into portions or roughly break apart into bite sized pieces. Store in a glass container in the freezer for up to a month.

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